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Clear Bulky Trash Out of Your Apartment Complex

We offer apartment junk removal services in Columbus, OH and the area

Your apartment complex has garbage pick-up services for ordinary bags of trash, but what about much larger things? Are your apartment complex residents leaving them beside a dumpster and hoping for the best? You need bulk trash removal services, and you can turn to Donkey Dumpster based in Columbus, OH to get them.

Our team can drop by to pick up furniture, mattresses and other large items every two weeks. This way, you don't have to book individual bulk trash removal appointments if you don't want to. To get a free estimate on trash removal services, call 614-902-2899 today.

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Explore our junk removal services

Whether you have an office, a restaurant or a group of apartments, our junk removal services are ideal for clearing away garbage. Our fully insured team can:

  • Haul appliances from your restaurant
  • Empty storage units at your storage center
  • Remove furniture at your office

We can even provide emergency services when you're in a tight situation and need something gone ASAP. Reach out to us right away to schedule an apartment junk removal appointment.